Friday, 4 November 2011

| LIFE | is an | EXAM |

life is untold inexperienced and never series of exams. this is the smallest definition I have with me.

people on surrounding convert such exam more difficult and even make it impossible to solve them.

but the possibilities and impossibilities are the state associate with our mind. people are just the hurdles between us and our desired goal. 

they don't stop us but the situation created by others is enough to disappoint a motivated person.

unshakeable confidence and continuity in efforts are the key attributes of a person who don't care what people say and stay focus.

but the attitude most of us have that we think other are living easier comfortable with us. we are facing more difficult situation and less opportunities. this theory is totally wrong. we can never understand other problems and issues until unless we face same the problem or situation. 

everyone in this world is facing uncountable problems. some of them advertise too. but advertisement is not the appreciated. everyone wants to see you happy.

happiness is a part of life which is achieved after long struggle and sleepless night. during this part you will receive uncountable remarks to demobilize you. people want to see you on the top but they don't have patience.

central idea of their questions is why are you talking so long?


long just because I don't have magic stick for achieving success. I have to FIGHT, I have to STRUGGLE, and then I will CONQUER what I deserve. 

Allah helps me out because You are the only One, Who can give me courage to face my life :) 

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